Апр 122017

The computer does not boot? Displays the blue screen immediately after Windows boots? One of the most likely causes of this error is that you have problems with the hard drive. Perhaps there were power outages, there might have been impacts, perhaps the device is not of high quality, maybe the device began to die of old age. Sometimes, with this problem, you can go into safe mode, but there will not be much use from this. There is an opinion that many problems are caused by pirated software. A certain amount of truth in this is, although controversial. Still, it’s better to switch to legal programs, there will not be any built-in spyware, and there’s no need to be afraid of verification. It is recommended to switch to free software.

Correction of broken sectors of the hard disk. The hard disk is the easiest way to check using the specialized program victoria. We need a second computer with a drive that would write the program to disk. You can download the disk image by typing the corresponding query into the search or searching it on the site hdd-911.com. We recommend to burn the image to disk via Ashampoo Burning Studio free (the program is free). Open Ashampoo Burning Studio, and select "create / burn disk image"; in it, then select "Burn CD / DVD / Blu-ray Disc from Disk Image";, then you need to specify disk image. The image itself is stored inside the downloaded archive vcr35cd.zip, and is called vcr35r.iso. The image of the disk should be unpacked from the archive, then specify it in Ashampoo Burning Studio. There is enough cd for this image. Next, we will be shown the information about our drive and the disk, if everything is fine, press to record, and wait for the end of the recording. The disk is ready.

The computer does not boot, it displays a blue screen.

Next we need to download from this disk on your computer. Now we need to go into the BIOS and set the boot priority from the drive. Since this procedure can be devoted to a separate article, we will analyze it separately — look for it on our website in the section of the article.

The documentation on the program victoria can be read on the Internet. So, Victoria has booted, now we need to specify the hard drive. Press P, if you have an ide drive, then it is somewhere among the primary master, secondary master, primary slave, secondary slave, if you have a sata hard disk, then you must select ext. PCI ATA / SATA — a table with numbered hard disks will appear, indicate the number of your hard drive according to the table. To start the testing process and fix the bad sectors, press f4. A menu will appear, there you need to fix the ignore bad block on the BB: Classic Remap. Next, go back to the start point and press enter. The verification process has gone. Defects are not readable sectors of the hard drive. Also sectors are displayed in response time — 5 ms, 20 ms, 50 ms. 200ms, 500ms, 1.5s. If the unreadable sector has been fixed, then in the defects window next to it there will be a green tick.

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