Апр 122017

Since I’m working with WordPress, I have to deal with utf-8 encoding. A standard notebook does not support it. To solve this problem, I put the program Bred. Like the notebook, it does not weigh much, it supports the encoding I need. By the way, opens quickly large files say 5-10 MB for a few seconds, where the standard notebook hangs terribly.

The program "Brad"; is free, the site of the program: http://www.astonshell.ru/freeware/bred3/

Required programs on the computer for the webmaster

Denver. This program is cool, you can set up a site on your computer running Windows, but you do not need to connect to the Internet. The site of the program: http://www.denwer.ru/

I do not know if you had to do static sites on html or not, but I had to, I’ve recently made a custom-made site for a student, pages so at 7-8. For half a day did, the mower earned. With Frontpage 2003 I met another year in 2007 so roughly. Static sites can be very quickly done, if the content is ready of course there is. I had a standard, a top hat, two columns on each side and a big for the content in the center.

@Text Replacer — I use this program, if I need to find a fragment of text in many files at once, I just specify the folder and the program itself searches everything there and displays the results in which files the certain text is found. The site of the program: http://tr.infortech.ru/

MS Paint — without it. Instantly you can edit the image, then cut or copy and attach to another.

Well, that’s all, the rest of the tools that I use for sites, analyzers are all — it’s already through the browser. This is only my list of programs, if you have something else interesting, then write in the comments, it will be interesting to me and visitors.

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