Апр 082017

There are several ways to turn off the computer after a certain time. At first I installed third-party software, a small program, there are many such on the Internet, there you prescribe the time when you need to turn off the computer. One of these programs, which I put, is called the "Off Timer";. Very simple and convenient to understand easily.

Sleep timer

After I broke the hard drive, I did not put any programs, and I found out about another chip that you can turn off the computer with standard Windows tools. Right now I’ll sign what I need to do for this. It’s very simple.

Run the command to execute the keyboard shortcut Win + R (Start + R), the window will appear small:

Window to execute

In this window we write the command shutdown -s -t and through the space we specify the time in seconds. If you need to turn off the computer after an hour, for example, you like to fall asleep under any movie or TV series, then write the following command: shutdown -s -t 3600.

Turn off the computer after one hour

Where did the figure 3600 come from? In a minute 60 seconds, in 1 hour 60 minutes, 60 is multiplied by 60 and we get 3600. One and a half hours — it will be necessary to multiply 60 by 90 and get 5400. The last command is saved in this window and next time you will need to run the window and execute Press OK, or change the last digit to change the timer and then press OK. Simply and easily.

And another thing, I have a Windows 7 system, when it stays until the timer finishes 15 minutes, then a small window pops out, informing me that the computer turns off. If at that moment you are watching a movie, it will pop up on the screen and you will have to move it. And if you are already asleep at that time, then it’s okay, at the end of the timer the computer just turns off. On Windows XP, most likely this window will immediately come out and the timer will tick. On other OS I do not know how it will be, because I did not use anything above the seven and I do not plan yet.

And what do you like to look before going to bed? I’m on different, but often serials with Mr. Bean included. Leave your comments, it will be interesting to read.

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