How to change the arrow / mouse pointer

 Posted on 13.04.2017 at 11:21  System
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Kind time of the readers of the site and today we will consider the question of how to change the arrow of the mouse (the type of the pointer) in the system.

1. Click the Start button.

2. Move the mouse pointer over the Control Panel line and click.

Start - Control Panel

3. Select the Hardware and Sound section.

Hardware and Sound

4. Under Devices and printers, click on the Mouse object.


5. In the Mouse Properties window, click the tab of the Pointers tab.

6. Open the Schema list box and click on the row with the desired name.

7. Click the Apply button.

8. Click the OK button.

 How to change the arrow

When we had the first computer at home, I remember it was interesting to change everything, to adjust, the mouse pointer also changed. Cursors can be either static or animated.

The Fiery Cursor

By the way, I’ve been writing a post so far, I’ve set fire cursors for my interest. If you want you can put yourself, it’s strange, of course, because Always used the standard. Who wants a fiery cursor, here it is flooded with archive. Unpack the archive, go to the folder, click the install file with the right key and select the option to install. Then go to the instructions above through the start -> control panel in the mouse properties and in the schematic section you can see the new scheme.

Fire Cursors

+ 7 = 11